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Star Renegades

A challenging tactical roguelite RPG set in an endless interplanetary rebellion against The Imperium. Lead a ragtag group of rebels in their desperate fight against overwhelming odds and an evolving, merciless adversary. Despite all odds, you discover camaraderie and possibly romance within each other during little pockets of peace. Star Renegades is an endless intergenerational rebellion that spans across many lifetimes. Each playthrough is unique because the mission content is procedurally generated, yet with permanent upgrades and unlocks for your characters and rebel base.

Halcyon 6

A retro space strategy RPG with base building, deep tactical combat, crew management, and emergent storytelling. You are the last Space Commander of a derelict starbase. Explore, exploit, exterminate and ENDURE the onslaught of invasions from aliens and space pirates with dwindling resources! Be diplomatic or crush your enemies on the brink of Terran extinction.

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