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Are you a survivor?

There is a reason why disaster movies are so popular. Beyond the obvious spectacle of the special effects and epic action set pieces, I think we also wonder how we would fare under those circumstances.

Most of us would like to believe we can survive in the face of such adversities like meteors, ice ages, and yes even zombie apocalypses.

Here’s an awesome group shot of the hardy survivors of Please Stay Calm (by our amazing artist Ïve Bastrash).

Let us know in the comments which ones you like and if any of them truly resonates with your vision of yourself as a survivor!

Just click on the picture below to grab the big version, it makes for an awesome wallpaper 🙂

If for some reason, the lightbox isn’t working, here’s a direct link to the pic: Group of Survivors

Don’t forget to register for early beta access at!

  • Robin on February 16, 2011

    There I am! There. Right there. Second from the right. Hi! You even got my weapon of choice right. Uzi 4 life baby!

    Do you have names and bios yet?

    • Ken Seto on February 16, 2011

      We’re trying to decide right now if we should provide names and bios or just leave them as avatars for people to shape their own stories around 🙂

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