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Help! Which Please Stay Calm app icon design is better?

We’re trying to decide which app icon would be better. Here’s two cool icons our artist whipped together. We stuck Tiny Wings in there as an example of a great icon to compare with.

Which one do you think would drive more clicks and downloads? *Updated Zombie icon again (3 variants)*

Please answer in comments or tweet us your choice at

Thanks for the help!

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  • Trevor on September 15, 2011

    I don’t think either of these are good enough. : )

    • Ken Seto on September 15, 2011

      ouch 😛

  • Dan on September 15, 2011

    Comparing only against TinyWings makes it hard. Can we change it so that they show at least 5 icons like in the actual App Store?

    • Ken Seto on September 15, 2011

      I added another comparative screenshot with more icons

  • Oscar Godson on September 15, 2011

    I like the 2nd one, but I’d remove the text on top. Putting text on an icon is a little icky, but the actual illustration is cool!

  • Meg on September 15, 2011

    I like both of the icon design for “Please Stay Calm” but I think the zombie one is the better choice. More because of the title “Please Stay calm” is a contradiction with the reaction you have when you see a zombie. You can’t be calm! I find it funny and more appropriate.

    Sorry for the error. My english it’s not perfect! I’m a french girl 🙂

  • Kreg on September 15, 2011

    The most important is than your teeshirt designer avoid to design this icon. :))

  • Alain Wong (@alainwong) on September 15, 2011

    I like the first one better than the second.

    I wouldn’t include “Please Stay Calm” text in the icon, but maybe something that references Zombies because you don’t see it in the title of the app “Massive Damage, Inc. Please Stay Calm”.

    Lots of people like killing Zombies and watching zombie movies so mentioning it somehow is useful. On the other hand, as a player, you are more likely to identify with being the hero/heroine.

    So both icons have something to say about the game, but they say it differently. Best way would be to poll/test. Good luck!

    (I’ll create a poll on my networks and see what gives!)

  • Brianne on September 15, 2011

    The zombie pic for sure. Stands out better than the girl. It took me a minute to find her in the picture with multiple apps. Might be biased since I already know what the game is about but I think seeing the zombie gives a better representation of what you’re in for.

  • Alex on September 15, 2011

    I think it’d be cool if you had a zillion zombies coming over a hill behind the girl and she’s just standing there with her chainshaw and a “meh” expression on her face…

  • Aaron Alfred on September 15, 2011

    I really like the zombie image. I believe we’re all aware of the challenges of using type in the icon design so I wont elaborate on that.

    I havent read the brief but I will go out on a limb and say that “Please Stay Calm” seems to communicate a reaction to the zombie epidemic. This is why I believe the zombie image communicates the brand more effectively.

    Also, think about really pushing the silhouette of the zombie by moving him lower. My intention is to make the icon more of a recognizable shape. Currently, the background (flames) is louder (visually) than the zombie. Consider making the body of the zombie darker in order to maintain a nice visual balance between the figure and background. If the priority is to show the zombie first, I suggest making the blues of the zombies coat more vibrant and recede the glare of the BG by lowering the saturation.

    Again, I havent read the brief so I’m not aware of the art direction.

    I must say that you guys are doing great things and I applaud this open feedback forum.

    Now, I must return to fighting off those zombies 😉

    Please stay calm.

    • Ken Seto on September 15, 2011

      We updated the zombie icon.. zoomed in and removed the text 🙂

  • Oscar Godson on September 15, 2011

    The new updated one is rad! I like it more zoomed in and without text!

  • Alkarim on September 15, 2011

    Between the two the second one is awesome!

  • salman on September 16, 2011

    Between the “Girl” and the “Zombie” the “Zombie” one looks better. It’s the intimidating/threatening picture of a zombie. Then the kicker … the app name “Please stay Calm”. The “Zombie” wins.

  • Alain Wong (@alainwong) on September 16, 2011

    Nice change. Zombie one is much better now— as salman said, the app name makes much more sense with this new icon!

    From yesterday’s poll with my friends on FB/G+, 9 voted Girl with Chainsaw and 3 voted Zombie with text. Redoing a poll again out of curiosity, but looks like you have a winner.

  • MO on September 21, 2011

    I’m not an App Store expert, but would it possible to run an A/B test to get the winner? I know I was able to do something like this with Facebook application icons.

  • Lina Roque on September 29, 2011

    #7 is awesome!

    The best way to drive downloads when you’re advertising is to have several different creatives to keep things fresh and new!

  • Will Lam on September 29, 2011

    I like the 4th one the best…

  • Ben Voigt on September 30, 2011

    I think the 2nd and 3rd ones best, the zombie head. Don’t care for the one with text on it.

  • Lollie009 on November 23, 2011

    zombie close-up with white collar.. I like the name.. would you say it was ironic?

  • Rx71004 on January 14, 2012

    The first one and the last one 🙂

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