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5 Steps To An Awesome Executive Summary

We’ve finally decided to post our Executive Summary to share with other founders as we’ve always had compliments and great feedback from it.

Some folks wonder how best to use executive summaries.. basically you’ll give it to people who will be doing intros for you. That way, they can forward something that piques the interest of the potential investor without giving away the whole pitch. You don’t want your deck to do your pitch for you, you want to do the pitch.

Here are the following guidelines I followed to create ours:

  1. Keep it to one page if possible, it’s a summary, not a pitch.
  2. If you have no eye for design, hire one or get a designer friend to help out.
  3. If you have metrics, put the good stuff front and center. Feel free to use vanity metrics for big impact but make sure you also have engagement metrics.
  4. Leave enough room for your Team section. Use pictures and previous startups/accomplishments.
  5. Include awesome visuals. Sure you can’t use zombies for every startup but give it some personality. Use bold infographics or charts.

Here’s our Executive Summary:

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