Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition FAQ – Doing this the Lightspeed Way!

Hi Commanders,

I know with August around the corner, some of you are super excited for Lightspeed Edition to drop! You guys sent in some awesome and valid questions about changes for Lightspeed Edition and we wanted to address some of the major questions that have been asked frequently.

  • Will Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander still be available on the Steam store after Aug 10th?

After the release of Lightspeed Edition, Halcyon 6 Classic will not be available for purchase anymore. The Store Page will still exist, but any purchases will lead you to the Lightspeed Edition page. We do like the idea of making H6: Classic still available, but since we are a small dev team, we only have enough resources to fully support one game file at a time and also be working on another title (which we will announce further down the road!). Soooo use this time to grab your classic copy now AND get Lightspeed Edition for free 😉

  • Will there be language localization for Lightspeed Edition?

It makes us super happy to see people from different countries enjoying our game! Thank you for your support <3 right now, we do have part of the team working on a German localization (thanks to having German family members as volunteers 🙂 ). Although, there is no ETA on when that feature will be implemented, we do have plans to open up fanmade translations in the future when the time is right. Thanks for being patient with us.

  • Should I bother playing before the update? Or wait until it’s out?

If you’d like to experience what classic Halcyon 6 is like before all the changes we pushed to Lightspeed Edition, by all means, go right ahead! However, please note that your saves from Starbase Commander will not carry over to Lightspeed Edition.

  • When I play Lightspeed Edition, can I resume my game from where I left off in Classic? Or will I have to start a new game?

Lightspeed Edition will be executed on an entirely new game file- sooo you will have to start a new game. The save files from Halcyon 6:Starbase Commander will not transfer over to Lightspeed Edition. However, with this new start, you will be able to explore the new subclasses and prestige classes for your officers!


Again, thanks for all your questions!  It makes us happy to hear your enthusiasm and excitement about Lightspeed Edition. Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander will be 50% off in stores until August 3rd, 2017, so don’t miss out on your last chance to grab it! 

Steam Store Page: Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander


Best of luck out there in Terran space, Commanders! ⭐