Star Renegades Dev Log #3

*static noises* KRRRSHH KRRRSH- “Massive Damage HQ to Rebel Command”
*more static noises* – “Rebels, do you copy?!”

It has been Day 68 since we’ve last made contact after our last ship landing at 
47.6062° N, 122.3321° W

Shortly after our return home from the epic ambassador mission at PAX West, an Imperium Admiral overheard of our success, and they tried to foil us by sending over a bio-magnetic storm to our home planet! This hyper-localized storm brewed its way to our secret cave, trapping us devs inside with our computers. We had no other choice but to stay put and work on Star Renegades until the storm passed.

Luckily for us, the it only lasted a short while. But during this time, our team worked incredibly hard to get Star Renegades to a more polished state than before by filling it with MORE quests, game mechanics, new enemies, a new planet, re-skinned UI, new music, and much, much more!

We also recruited a droid named J5T-1N who will be (with minimal effort) assisting your team while at the same time tossing in snarky remarks and laughing at your misery. Don’t mind him though, his empathy resonators have been on the fritz since the time some Imperium troopers cruelly used him for a game of gravity pong. I’m sure he’ll eventually come around!

“I have conveniently relocated your holo-armour underneath this pile of Shneep droppings.”

Sooo, now that we have finally completed a segment of our game. I just wanted to give you a preview of how the game looks now. Make sure you’re sitting down for this! It looks quite different from the last demo we’ve had! Alright, J5T-1N, show ‘em a preview of what we’ve got!

……woooow. Awkward. Ooooookie we’ll probably catch him later at a better mood after a nano-nap. WELP, I guess I (Softcookie) will just show you folks for now what we’ve been adding to the game so far!

Note: What I’m going to show is still a small snippet of the game. We can’t show you everything as we’d like to keep some things for a big reveal in the final version of the game.

Since the combat demo we showed at Gamescom and PAX West, we’ve done the following:

  • Gave the UI a MAJOR glow-up ✨
  • Implemented a more robust adversary hierarchy system ️
  • Added a whole new explorable, beautifully pixelized planet with a set of quests

UI Glow-Up


Combat Timeline HUD

Sooo If you remember from before- one of our very first demos, our UI panels were purple and pink. We realized pink and purple was kiiiiiiiiiiiind of a dominant colour theme in our game- and with purple and pink panels definitely won’t help make information more legible especially in a game that relies heavily on stats, info, and text. Soooo, we decided to take it all in the opposite direction! Make EVERYTHING see-through! So we switched to a glass-look with a holographic-y interface (that’s how the iPhone Infinity is gonna look in 2030, CALLED IT). And soooo- here we are- this isn’t the final product of course, but definitely a step closer in the visual direction that we want it to be.

Adversary Hierarchy System

The adversary hierarchy system will help you keep in check the movement of the Imperium as they recruit, rank up, or even demote their lackeys.

If you ever run into Draze Zem the Bounty Hunter and defeat him, this screen will pop up to show that you knocked him off the Imperium hierarchy (gooo Rebels!). Alternatively, if you are defeated by the Imperium, you’ll be able to see all your enemies rank up off of your defeat.

Draze also rates Bounty Hunting as 0 stars by the way.

New Planet + Missions

For this build, we created a new explorable planet called Pahzaj XII. You’ll also be meeting J5T-1N for the first time and he’ll act as your little sidekick walking you through missions. So for this new mission, you will have to head towards either the east or the west region of the planet to retrieve a key that will unlock the big tower in the middle of the map with a giant laser beaming into the sky. Before that, there are switches to activate an old rundown subway that will take you to the ruined cities to retrieve the keys.

Where the west key is held! Surprisingly their broken subway system runs better than our city’s..

All in all, this is what we’ve been working on so far. There are some more mechanics we’d like to refine in the future before showing (like our relationship system, elemental damage on weapons and characters, setting up camp sites, etc.)

I know you folks must be asking.. HOW SOON DO WE GET TO PLAY?! Aaaand the answer is …. closer than before! This demo has been getting to the point where we’re like “hey, this spoonful of pie filling tastes pretty good – it’s almost ready for baking- might be better if we add more pumpkin spice and sugar?” But before then, there are still a number of mechanics, polish, and balance we’d like to add to make our demo feel like a thick slice of pie . Y’know what I mean? We’re also still figuring out a bunch of things on our end like whether or not we’d like to go with a publisher or if we’re doing a kickstarter.

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Thanks for tuning in today. We’re slowly inching closer to the home stretch!


Softcookie + the MDI team

P.S. Just for funsies, our team decided to start game night again and this is our growing list of games that we’ll be playing together for…. team-building exercises? These play sessions may be uploaded to our YouTube or streamed on Twitch. Feel free to suggest some games you’d like to see us play!!

  • Destiny 2
  • Rocket League
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Diablo 3
  • Elder Scrolls Online
  • The Forest
  • WoW Classic