Star Renegades Dev Log #5

Hiiii folks *waves*

It’s Softcookie here 🙂 and YES we are definitely still alive and kickin here. We just have been in quiet mode working on our new demo which will then be a part of the final game. Soooo here’s a quick recap of some of the things that went on in the past few months (that can also be found on our socials).


We were accepted to show Star Renegades at Bitsummit in Kyoto! Bitsummit (June 1-2) is Japan’s leading indie game festival showcasing over 100 indie games from around the world. It was our first time bringing Star Renegades to show in Asia, but definitely WON’T be our last becauseeeee… we took home an editor’s choice award by! Thank you so much~

🎮 E3 🎮

Soon after Bitsummit, we made our way back to LA for E3! We showcased Star Renegades inside the Xbox Live Experience at the Microsoft Theatre- right beside Phoenix Point (our lovely booth neighbours). If you were watching the Xbox Keynote, you maaaaay have seen Star Renegades as part of the Xbox Game Pass line up among many other unique indie titles! This means that we are confirmed for PC, Steam, and Xbox platforms at launch and will confirm for other platforms as soon as we can. Don’t worry~ we got love for allllll platforms <3


We have a newwwww technical artist! His name is Matt and he will be helping Bryan out with sprinkling his magic on the visual effects. Now our combat animations will look even spicier and sparklier than ever before. All these new visual effects will be revealed in our Gamescom demo.


Our composer Steve London pumped out even more NEW awesome tracks for combat and camping scenes! We posted a preview clip of it on our Twitter for screenshot saturday. If you look closely below, you can see a familiar furry four-legged friendo laying down by Wynn. And the answer is YES you can pet this doggo


We will be back at Gamescom again this year! Mega thanks to Indie Arena Booth for having us <3 We will be handing out new J5T-1N keychains that are limited edition so make sure to stop by and grab one. Right now, our team is working on a brand new demo. So the chance to beat Thorus the World-Throttler is gone…but I’m sure they’ll be back within the next few rebellion cycles. This is a roguelite RPG with an evolving adversary system afterall 😉

In previous builds, we felt that not only did our demo play too long, but the learning curve (since it threw you right into the heart of the game instead of the tutorial) was a bit higher than average. So this time around, we’ll be adding tooltips and re-designed the UI (again) to make it more intuitive and friendlier to pick up.

You’ll be seeing quick recap blurbs here and there since we’re zoning in around the final stretch for Gamescom prep.

Thanks for tuning in, Rebels ✌️