Dev Log #6

Hey folks,

HAPPY 2020! It’s been a minute. We’ve been hunkering down to tackle the alpha milestone for Star Renegades. We added more characters, backgrounds, and fleshed out the camping mechanic. Right now, our team is focusing on TWO major fronts for alpha:

  1. Making sure the core game loop is fun as heck
  2. Making more art in 2DX goodness and mission content population

Lots of work is still under construction, but here’s a suuuuuuper rough BTS (does not represent final art) of the camping mechanic layout.

Your squad will have available action gems (top left) that will deplete itself when you use cards that cost a certain amount of actions to use. For example, Wynn can choose to share a nice warm meal with Nodo if she wishes. In doing so, it will use up one available action gem and Nodo will gain affection points that will go towards leveling up their companionship (as well as a full belly of good food). When you level up the camaraderie between characters to the next level, there are relationship perks that can give extra bonus stats, new traits, new combo powers, or even new progeny!

And yes. You can pet this good boie.

Thanks for tuning in folks! I know we’ve been quiet lately… On a serious note, we would like to take a moment to remember our beloved teammate Christian. Some of you may have met him at Gamescom over the years. He may have talked your ear off about Halcyon 6 or Star Renegades with his contagious smile and warm energy. Sadly, Christian passed away last December. It has not been the same without him. Our team is absolutely shaken by this tremendous loss. Star Renegades has become a very special game for us as it is the last game Christian has worked on. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts.

Thank you all for your support and kindness over the years. It means a lot to our team to be able to share our journey with you all.

Your Friends at Massive Damage