Dev Log #7

Hello Renegades!

It is the final month for our team before Star Renegades launches and I am so incredibly excited to tell you that we announced our official ✨ RELEASE DATE ✨ for Star Renegades! Mark your calendars for our PC launch on September 8th (with console release following Fall 2020).

We’ve been incredibly busy trying to wrap things up here, but I wanted to share with you some hero highlights of rebels that you can take on your mission. To give you the basic run down, there are 13 unique classes in the game (but 47 characters to unlock!)- including the secret progeny which can be unlocked when you max out the relationship of two destined pairs. Each renegade has skill ratings based on power, support, armour damage, regen, speed, and stunning your enemies.

Here is Wynn- our all around best girl.

Bentley has also been another fave hero that our studio has been using during playtests (and some of the folks at Raw Fury love him too!).

We’ll be releasing more hero highlights on our Discord and socials. Make sure to pop on by to vote for your next fave hero to showcase! So far, Xurx the Archon has been a crowd favourite in our community, followed closely behind by Nava the Spectre (who is also endorsed by Garry and Peter!).

Only a couple more weeks until we launch Star Renegades! Can’t believe time has flown so fast. Thanks for always tuning in to our journey. We really appreciate your support! See you all on the other side in a few weeks 🙂

Jacqueline and your friends at Massive Damage

If you haven’t done so yet- don’t forget to wishlist Star Renegades on Steam and join our Discord for weekly WIP art shares!