About Us

Early History

Founded by mobile app pioneers Ken Seto and Garry Seto, Massive Damage is focused on building unique and compelling video game experiences for all platforms. Their first game, Please Stay Calm, was one of the most successful location-based massively multiplayer games on iOS.

After That

In the spring of 2015, Massive Damage ran very successful Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming game, Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander. After raising $187K on a modest $40K funding goal, they set to building their passion project. A year and a half later, they unleashed Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander on STEAM in Sept, 2016.

Are you looking for the Massive Damage Presskit? It’s here.

And the Halcyon 6 Presskit is here.

Email: info [at] massdmg [dot] com