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Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander is LIVE on Kickstarter!

Tweet Halcyon 6 is a rogue-like sci-fi strategy survival game with base building, tactical combat, crew management and emergent storytelling. Coming to PC and Mac in Q4 of 2015. We’re almost 200% funded in less than a week! Check out the Kickstarter here:

Massive Damage, ngmoco, and DeNA, oh my!

Tweet What’s the big fuss about? We’re really excited to announce our partnership with awesome folks at DeNA/ngmoco!  They will be helping us to take Please Stay Calm and our upcoming game to the next level and beyond. What’s going to happen to Please Stay Calm? First off, nothing’s going to change with Please Stay [...]

Introducing Please Stay Chic! (April Fools! ;) )

TweetMassive Damage, Inc. (MDI) announces its next blockbuster hit, Please Stay Chic! As a follow-up to its hit zombie apocalypse themed, location-based MMORPG, Please Stay Calm, Please Stay Chic continues that adventure – IN DESIGNER HEELS! “The App Store is full of zombie games and there certainly is no shortage of fashion games but a [...]

Location-based gaming gets people excited!

Tweet We’re super excited about our funding and the upcoming Oct. 13th US App Store launch of Please Stay Calm.  And it looks like it’s not just us.. Here’s a brief list of some the awesome press coverage we’ve gotten for our funding announcement: GigaOm — Location-based gaming lands $325K funding round for Massive Damage [...]

New Player Login Issue Workaround Fix

TweetAnyone having problems w/ email and password screen on Please Stay Calm… we’re really sorry, it was just our really crappy description. If this is your first time playing the game and you’re trying to login without any luck, what’s actually happening is that the username you picked is already in use so you should [...]

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