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5 Steps To An Awesome Executive Summary

Tweet We’ve finally decided to post our Executive Summary to share with other founders as we’ve always had compliments and great feedback from it. Some folks wonder how best to use executive summaries.. basically you’ll give it to people who will be doing intros for you. That way, they can forward something that piques the […]

Location-based gaming gets people excited!

Tweet We’re super excited about our funding and the upcoming Oct. 13th US App Store launch of Please Stay Calm. ¬†And it looks like it’s not just us.. Here’s a brief list of some the awesome press coverage we’ve gotten for our funding announcement: GigaOm — Location-based gaming lands $325K funding round for Massive Damage […]

Zombies of Silicon Valley

Tweet**UPDATE: our random draw winner is Alain Wong ** To celebrate our Canadian launch tomorrow, it’s time for another t-shirt contest! All you have to do is name each of the Silicon Valley zombies above (click on it for a bigger version). Here’s a tiny hint: it’s a mix of investors and tech media. Post […]